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Brand Highlight: Stressless

Stressless furniture
Stressless furniture

Imagine a haven within your home, a refuge where relaxation transcends comfort and becomes an aesthetic experience. This is the essence of Stressless furniture – a brand known for ergonomic innovation and luxurious comfort. Whether you’re an interior designer or a homeowner seeking a stylish haven, Stressless offers a perfect blend of form and function, enriching your home with both comfort and style.

A Legacy of Quality

The Stressless story began in 1934, on Norway’s west coast. The company, founded by Jens Ekornes, has a long history of producing high-quality furniture. Built to last in a resource-scarce environment, this philosophy remains a cornerstone of the Stressless brand.

Science of Comfort

Stressless furniture goes beyond aesthetics. Years of research have resulted in a unique design focused on unparalleled comfort and optimal body support. The Plus system ensures healthy posture with perfect neck and lumbar support in various positions. The Glide system allows the chair to seamlessly follow your movements, cradling you in continuous comfort.

This translates to furniture that promotes well-being. Stressless chairs contribute to a healthy living environment, reducing stress for homeowners. For design enthusiasts, the science behind the brand means furniture that doesn’t compromise on style. Create a space that is both visually stunning and undeniably comfortable.

Beyond the Recliner

Stressless offers a comprehensive suite of furniture solutions. Sophisticated sofas, crafted with the same commitment to comfort and design, create inviting seating areas. Ottomans elevate your comfort experience, while office chairs transform your workspace into an ergonomic haven.

By incorporating their furniture, you can create a cohesive and comfortable living environment. Imagine a living room where a Stressless recliner becomes the centerpiece, inviting relaxation.

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Aesthetics for Every Vision

Stressless understands that comfort shouldn’t come at the expense of style. Their furniture caters to a diverse range of design preferences, allowing you to seamlessly integrate pieces into your existing vision. Minimalists can choose sleek and contemporary lines, while those seeking timeless elegance can opt for classic leather options. A variety of fabric choices offer versatility for a more personalized touch.

Their design team doesn’t stop at recliners. Sofas are available in a variety of configurations and styles, from sleek sectionals to classic three-seater options.

A Timeless Investment

Stressless furniture offers more than just comfort and style; it’s an investment in well-being and design longevity. The brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures furniture pieces that are built to last, retaining their comfort and beauty for years to come. The timeless design aesthetics transcend fleeting trends, ensuring your Stressless furniture remains a cherished part of your home for generations.

Elevate Your Space with Stressless at Fowler Brothers Co.

No matter your design stage, Stressless furniture offers a unique solution. Explore their collection further at Fowler Brothers Co.! Browse our extensive online catalog or visit our showroom to experience the furniture firsthand. Our showroom showcases a variety of options, including:

  • Sofas and Motion Recliners: Discover the perfect combination of comfort and style with Fowler Brothers Co.’s selection of Stressless sofas and motion recliners. These pieces seamlessly blend the luxurious comfort of a recliner with the functionality of a sofa.

Fully customizable, Stressless sofas come in a variety of configurations, from sectionals to classic three-seaters. Tailor your seating experience further with a wide range of fabric and leather choices.

  • Dining in Comfort and Style: Move beyond the traditional dining chair and experience Stressless comfort at your dining table. Fowler Brothers Co. offers Stressless dining chairs that integrate the brand’s signature ergonomic support into the dining experience.

Stressless dining chairs are also fully customizable. Choose from a variety of styles to complement your existing dining room aesthetic. With a variety of fabric choices available, you can further personalize your dining chairs.

  • The Ergonomic Office Solution: Don’t settle for discomfort in your workspace. Transform your office into an ergonomic haven with a Stressless office chair from Fowler Brothers Co. These chairs prioritize comfort and support, promoting good posture and reducing fatigue during long workdays.

Stressless office chairs are available in a variety of high back and low back options to suit your needs.

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